I Went Braless For A Day

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Ever wondered how it feels walking out of your house without a bra for a day? Read on to know.

There’s no better feeling than taking off your bra after a long day of having your breasts caged up. Is there? So why go through the torture of wearing a bra. We as women have enough troubles already, don’t we?

Over dinner, a couple of my girlfriends and I were, as always, cribbing about bras and men.

The sad truth is, we can’t live with or without them. Can we? Perhaps we can. As my girlfriends and I questioned this over and over, we came to this conclusion – men, no, we probably can’t do without them. But bras. It’s a definite YES!

During this conversation, we decided to go braless for a day and see what the big fuss about a woman not wearing a bra really is.

Do you remember how awkward your first day of wearing a bra was? Well, mine definitely was. Now imagine, after all these years of wearing one, stepping out without one. There’s a wave of awkwardness that hits you. But it’s literally just for a few minutes and then you feel like you can conquer the world. And why shouldn’t you, you are the queen of the world! Honestly, though, it’s just a matter of what you get used to.

Smaller cup sizes have it easier than larger ones when it comes to going braless – this is true. But trust me, even if you’re on the larger cup size scale, you can still go braless. It might be easier, though, if you just wear some nipple guards. Especially if you’re conscious.

I truly believe, if there’s a heaven, it’s definitely without a bra. I had one of the best days without a bra, my friends had mixed feelings.

Try wearing loose clothes or throw on a jacket. Avoid wearing white, it just attracts more attention. Doing this is probably way easier in the winter. Lucky winter is almost here!

You are bound to get a lot of stares. But when don’t we?! Like Rachel said in Friends – no uterus, no opinion!

There are 2 sides of a coin, always. So there are both pros and cons to going braless.

The pros of going braless are, you’re happy, comfortable and feel liberated. There’s no restriction in blood circulation. No sweat and dirt around your breasts, therefore, no rashes and irritation. No painful underwires poking you right in the heart. Ohhh, and obviously, no money spent on buying those pretty, fun, expensive bras.

The cons of going braless are no more cleavage (if that’s something you like to flaunt) that you get thanks to the push-up bras. No more of those lacey bras that you might enjoy wearing and that make you feel oh-so-sexy. Oh, and the biggest con – if you don’t do it right, the stares will eventually annoy you.

I do urge you guys to give it a try, though, and see how it feels for yourself. While we’re at it, let’s also break some stereotypes!

Would you ever dare to go braless? Or have you tried it already? Tell us your story in the comments section below.

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