Weird Thoughts That Hit Every Woman’s Mind While Having Sex

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Women thoughts are impossible to be tracked down and measured. Women have been consistently facing several sarcastic tantrums especially by men about their random, spontaneous and offbeat thought series. And if you ask men about what women think all day during their specific activities, the answers would be 50% correct. But still the rest half will remain confidential as always. However, asking women about their thoughts while having sex has revealed very strange and weird facts that are 100% true. When things get steamy and raunchy, several thoughts start taking rounds in a person’s mind and very less people have the idea about it especially when it’s about women. And trust me men totally don’t have any idea about these quirky thought lines. Let’s explore the weird thoughts that every woman get while having sex.

  1. “I wish his thing would get little bigger someday. I barely feel it these days.”

  2. “Wait. No, don’t stop, keep doing it. It feels so good. Gosh! why the hell he stops when I start enjoying the show?”

  3. “Hold on. I just had my lavish dinner, take your hands off my tummy it’s squeezing my food inside. Oh god, it’s so uncomfortable.”

  4. “I think my thighs and butt are getting fat. Wait, why the hell are my boobs touching my armpit? He is gonna lose his interest on me soon. I need to make them firm sooner.”

  5. “Shall I ask him to try some new different erotic styles? I am seriously bored of this usual missionary.”

  6. “Oops! Is it an onion string stuck in my teeth? Shit, I am not gonna kiss him for the rest of the session. I really hate onions!”

  7. “Is he getting bored? I think I need to moan a little bit more to make him feel more erotic.”

  8. “That’s it?! No you can’t sleep in the mid way! I am not finished yet. Come on wake up! God, I have to seduce him hard the next time.”

  9. “Oh boy! Let’s take a break. I can’t take the pressure any longer. I need to fart. Stop, stop please!”

  10. “Woah! He always manages to surprise me. I underestimated his strength, it feels so great! Wish this could go on and on…forever!”

  11. Stop pulling my hair! It really hurts. I am gonna kill you for this, may be later.

  12. Oh! I just had a thought about my dad while having sex. Gross! Misson abort! Abort!

  13. “I must change these curtains. They are no more adding seductive touch to my lovely bedroom.”

  14. Honey, you can be little rough and hard with your woman. I swear I won’t mind. Please! Please!


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