6 Essential Oils For Every Beauty Problem

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No matter what your skin care problem might be, there’s an essential oil to treat it.

In recent times, a greasy revolution is underway as oil has found its place in our beauty cabinets. From being infused in our makeup to being mixed in our serums, beauty oils are now available in every form. They originate from numerous ingredients and can treat many skin care problems. Here’s how these 6 essential oils can treat some of your beauty problems. Before you begin, always do a test patch for essential oils on your wrist or neck to ensure that your skin won’t react to it.

1. Discolouration

For the childhood scar that never quite faded or stubborn dark spots that just won’t budge, rose hip oil is your answer. It boosts the regenerative powers of skin cells to fade scars, spots and discolouration. Bonus – rose hip oil is also a celebrity pick that is favoured by the likes of Miranda Kerr and Kate Middleton!

2. Pimples

To get rid of those active pimples that turn up without prior notice, choose tea tree oil. With its Australian origins, tea tree oil contains powerful antibacterial and antifungal agents, which combat pimple-causing bacteria from its very root.

3. Dryness

The best bet for flaky, dry skin is nothing but argan oil because it is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Together, this combination helps moisturise even the driest skin intensely. So as a result, the face is left hydrated and healthy.

4. Irritation

For times when your skin feels itchy, red or bumpy, chamomile oil is your go-to solution. Just as a cup of chamomile tea soothes your stomach, its oil equivalent does the same for your face. Chamomile oil is filled with flavonoids which calms irritated skin and soothes redness or bumps.

5. Excessive Oiliness

It may sound counterintuitive to apply oil to treat oiliness, but hear us out. Grapeseed oil regulates sebum production and reduces clogged pores within the skin. It also gets absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy film of oil, which is exactly what every oily skinned girl longs for.

6. Ageing

When crow’s feet and wrinkles start to appear, turn to ylang ylang. Originating from the yellow flowered tropical tree, ylang ylang has a delicate floral smell that’s known to be stress reductive. Ylang ylang promotes skin elasticity by encouraging quick cell regeneration, thus, reducing signs of ageing.

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